Are you prepared?

Shirley HampsonBlog

Death is the one great certainty in life. Some of us will die in ways out of our control, and most of us will be unaware of the moment of death itself. Still, death and dying can be approached in a healthy way.

The primary course of action when death is near is to fulfil the dying person’s wishes. If the person is dying from an illness, ideally, they will have participated in decisions about how to live and die. If the requests made do not seem practical to the caregiver, options should be raised with the dying individual to try to accommodate his or her request and still provide adequate care. If the dying individual has not been able to participate in formulating final plans, you should strive to do what you think this person would want.

If you find yourself in these circumstances and you do not know how to approach it, then please give us a call and speak to us.