Childers Woodgate Funeral Services is able to offer assistance with choosing coffins to suit your requirements.

How long will the Death Certificate take to arrive from Births Deaths and Marriages?

Once the funeral has taken place, the death certificate application will be sent to The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This is done electronically to speed up the process, but in the event that the funeral takes place on a Friday afternoon/weekend, it will not be processed until the following Monday morning.

The processing by Births, Deaths and Marriages usually takes 5-10 working days. In the event that you still haven’t received it after this period, please do not hesitate to let us know, and we will contact the Registry on your behalf.

The Death Certificate will be forwarded directly to the next-of-kin who signed Form 8 (Death Registration Information).

Does the Funeral Director organise the headstone or plaque in cemeteries?

The Funeral Director does not directly deal with organising the plaque or headstone, but we can advise you of the monumentalists in the area.

The local council will be able to advise of the size and design for a lawn plaque. In some cases, part of the cost of the burial plot is allocated for the plaque.

The North Childers Woodgate Council allocates $200 for a lawn cemetery plaque and $100 for a columbarium plaque. This price includes the cost of the plinth, headstone and top dressing, installation and administration costs, if completed within 24 months of interment.

However, please note: the cost is non-transferrable and the plaque must be organised by the council through their preferred supplier who is Worsell & Co. The cost covers a basic brass plaque with six lines of writing. Other designs and additional elements such as a photo can be organised, however, the applicant will be billed by the council for the excess fees over $200.

The council do have a book of designs that you are able to view, but further designs can be seen on
There is a form that needs to be completed to apply for a plaque – Application for Plaque .

Bundaberg Regional Council has no allocation for a plaque.

How long before the ashes are available after cremation?

Crematoriums prefer at least 48 hours’ notice before ashes are collected. This allows sufficient time for processing of ashes and relevant paperwork to be completed.

Collection times by Childers Woodgate Funeral Services usually take about five (5) days. If you require ashes urgently, please let us know when arrangements are being made.

Should I contact Centrelink to advise them of the deceased’s passing?

It is important that anyone who receives Centrelink Benefits notifies Centrelink of the passing of the person.

Please use the attached form – Advice of Death .