A Guide to Funeral Flowers and Arrangements

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These wonderful flowers have been designed and presented by Sue Meredith from Flowers by Susan, Gayndah.  Simply stunning!
Sending flowers to a funeral or to the family after a loved one has died is a long-running tradition in Australia and an appropriate way to pass on your condolences.

Choosing the right funeral flower arrangement can be a little difficult. If possible, it is best to ask the person who is organising the funeral beforehand whether or not there is a colour scheme.


These are the flower tributes that are most typically associated with funerals. They are circular in shape and are suitable for sending directly to a funeral whether you are family or a friend.

Funeral crosses

Funeral crosses also have strong connotations with funerals. However, they are traditionally sent by family or close friends. They are available in a range of colours and styles from most florists.


The posy tribute is suitable for any mourner to send to either the funeral, or to the home of the person who has passed away. It is circular so that the flowers can be viewed easily from all angles. They can be made in modern or traditional styles.

Tied sheaf

A tied sheaf looks very similar to a normal flower bouquet. The plastic that would usually surround the bouquet has been removed and it is tied instead. It is suitable for any mourner to send a tied sheaf.

Funeral spray

Funeral sprays are commonly associated with sympathy. This would be an ideal tribute for a friend and their family.

Coffin spray  

A coffin spray is chosen by the person arranging the funeral or close family members. It would generally be seen as inappropriate for anyone else to send one as they traditionally adorn the coffin or casket.