Headstones – The Way of the Future

Shirley HampsonBlog

This is not available in Australia yet, but is it the way of the future.

The Future

Cemetery headstones haven’t changed much in 5000 years… until now.
Quiring Monuments is pleased to introduce an innovative approach to memorialization.

While technology has allowed for more mobility, it has also increased the separation of families worldwide. What hasn’t changed is our desire to keep memories of loved ones alive for future generations.

Quiring Monuments has created a new type of headstone which connects families regardless of where they live. Our Living Headstones® memorial blends the timeless tradition of granite headstones with the newest technology available. We provide an interactive “living” memorial that is a legacy for future generations.

Living Headstones® have been featured in some of the country’s top news sources including NPR, ABC News, USA Today, FOX Business, The Seattle Times, and others.

For further information about these monuments, please follow this link:  https://www.monuments.com/living-headstones